Web development for Fremen Tours, an ecotourism company in Bolivia. Ahh the good old days.. This project was my first independent web design and development project back in 2002. After working at two startups, both of which followed pretty much the same trajectory, I got a lead from a buddy about a friend of his that need a website built for an ecotourism company in Bolivia. 

We met for lunch, and he brought a cd with photos and videos. I said that in order to create a compelling site, I would need to go down to Bolivia and take photos and videos myself. He said if I could get myself to Bolivia, the company would cover the rest. It was a deal. I spent a month in Bolivia taking notes, photos, and videos. Then I spent about a month in Atlanta learning php in bbedit and designing macromedia fireworks on an original blueberry imac. Highlights include animated hover on the custom menu icons and an easter egg: the jaguar winks ๐Ÿ˜‰ Forever preserved in internet cryogenics is theย original website.