How I make this site

Open Docker Desktop on my MacBook.

Git clone the docker4wordpress repo to ~/docker/

Mv the new dir to winstonford_com 

Atom winstonford_com and change the port from 8080 to 80

Install wordpress

Login to wp and change the domains to

Get the error because the domain doesn’t resolve

Sudo nano /etc/hosts and add

Now the domain should resolve at showing the site running locally.

The previous step sometimes doesn’t resolve because of how safari handles the url. Restart safari.

Make some changes to the docker config. I’ll link my doc on that here.

Install the plugin simply static.

Generate the files and download the zip. Unzip.

Set up Pages at Gitlab. I’ll link doc here.

Git clone to ~/gitlab/

Mv the static files to ~/gitlab/

In Atom, stage all, commit, pull, push.

New site should be live, check with phone as MacBook see to resolve local site. 

Backup docker with Time Machine.

In Safari prefs, set downloads to NOT unzip automatically.

Add plugin BackWPup, download a full backup, and move to iCloud/Documents

Comment out line in /etc/hosts